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Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to have a website. How do I get started?

Well in order for you to have a website you need to have a domain which could either be a .com or .co.za or any domain you are interested in. If you have a domain but i’ts registered with another server provider the domain would need to be transferred in order for us to build the website for you.

What types of website do we offer.

We offer three types of websites.

 Starter website: this website is a basic 5page website that we build on a local server which means that whenever you would like to make changes you will always have to come back to do it.

WordPress website: This website can either be 5pages or 10pages this website we build on a international server which means you can do changes yourself. You can log onto your website anytime and everywhere.

E-commerce (DIY) : This website is basically just a website you can buy products on and pay for it.

E-commerce( WOO) : With this website its more detailed and it has a shop on as well. Its basically a WordPress website with ecommerce plugin.

Will the website be a once off payment or will there be any another COSTS involved?

Yes the website will be a once off payment the only payment you will make will be the hosting fee and the domain renewal. The hosting fee will be a fee you pay every month in order for your website files to be saved on our server. The domain renewal you will usually do a payment on a yearly basis.

Must I give you any information to build the website

Yes in order for you to have a very good website you will have to provide us with all the content for the website. What we normally do is once your domain registration is done we will then forward you a link to capture your content for the website, you will even be able to upload images you want to display on your website. If the website for catering business you can make it personal by adding any picture of yourself because you are the business.

How long does it take to create a website?

Depending on what website you want, which all depend on the following do you only want a website where you advertise you services or do you want a shop on the website where you clients can actually purchase a product pay for it and you deliver it. However on average a website can take anything from 2-3 weeks when all the contact was received from the client.

Can I update my own website ?

In order for you to update your own website you will need a word press or even a E-commerce website which initially get build on a international server. So once the web developer is done with your website they can simply give you the login details and you will have complete control over your website.

Can you add social media platforms on your website ?

Yes you can add Facebook , twitter as well as Whattsapp.

Why can’t I see my website on Google.

There are only 2 ways that your website will appear on the first page of a Google search.

  1. SEO (Search Engin Optimisation)
  2. AdWords (Pay Google per click for key word)

Both of which take time to manage and cost money

Do Swift Cyber Studio offer these services which is SEO or Adwords management.

We do not offer SEO or AdWords management as this is a highly specialised discipline and falls outside of the scope of our business.

Your website is essentially a digital brochure to refer your clients to using your email, business card or any forms of marketing including word of mouth.

Can I have a domain with another server provider and then choose a different server provider to create a website for me?

Unfortunately no you will not be able too. Reason being in order for the web designer to create your website the domain must be transferred over to Swift cyber studio. When this occurs the admin department will then send a transfer request to your current server provider and then they have to approve it in order for the new server provider to start building the website.

What is the difference between template Logo and Professional Logo?

Template logo you will basically receive a bunch of logo’s that you have to choose from and then just the colour will be changed and the name will change. Where with the Professional logo you will have to give the designer an idea of what you interested in and the graphic designer will design about 5 logo’s for you from scratch which you will be able to choose which one you interested in.

How much business cards do you receive?

You will receive an amount of 500 business cards and unfortunately only one person name can go on the cards for example you won’t be able to make 250 cards for Delicia and 250 cards for Kamohelo .

Will there be a hosting fee you have to pay for the website per month.

Yes there will be and that depends on the website you have because remember the reason you do pay a hosting fee, because all your files get saved on a server and that takes up some space.

Can you add videos on your website?

Yes if the services is something you do yourself certainly you will be able to put that on a website. However only certain websites have the ability to allow this function which is word press website.

How do you get the best website?

Well in order for you to get the best website the amount of content you supply plays a very big role. The more content you give the better the website the designer can design for you. Even images you supply should be of good quality.